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Register for Chess Club

1/10/2022 9:51 am


Chess Club meetings are held on Mondays at 7:30 AM in the Media Center. The first meeting will be Jan. 31. At the club meetings, we split into small groups, do a short lesson (5-10 minutes), and students play games against each other for about 20 minutes with some light coaching.

Monday attendance will be limited to 44 students due to COVID restrictions. In respecting this limit, we will prioritize returning members, siblings, and grades 2-5.

If we have more interest than can be accommodated at our regular club meetings, we will look to create additional opportunities for participation. Some possibilities include:

 - Occasional Saturday meetings at the public library
 - Chess Club Jr. sessions for K-1
 - Scrimmages with other elementary schools
 - A "Chess Picnic" at a neighborhood park

These extra events we will usually look to schedule for early Saturday morning, which helps to minimize conflicts with other activities.

This year, instead of a registration fee, we will collect optional donations through the PTA website. We will provide more details after registration.

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